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Safety and nurturing are at the forefront of our Newborn Childcare. Your confidence and comfort are essential. In partnership with parents, our experienced caregivers maintain a healthy, creative environment, where your newborn will receive the excellent care and attention you expect. Together, we design each newborn's experience at Eagan Montessori Academy to support health and development. Both full-time and part-time infant care are available!

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Infant Sweets: Newborn & Infant Care
(Children ages 6 weeks to 16 months)

Welcome to the Infant Sweets!

The beauty of having your child start their early learning and development with us at EMAS is in the Infant Sweets. Most child care centers and schools have one large infant care room, that holds children between the ages of 6 weeks and 16 months. When our school opened in July 2014, we operated in similar fashion. However, after observing our school and children grow over the years, we decided it was best for the infant classroom to split into infant developmental stages, rather than holding the children in one classroom. In the Infant Sweets, there are 3 classrooms: Sweet 1, Sweet 2, and Sweet 3. We found that dividing the children into these three classroom that are specifically designed for each developmental stage was the best move for our newborns and infants at EMAS. In these classrooms, teachers are able to meet each child's basic needs, as well as the needs of their cognitive, social–emotional, physical, and language development. The teachers in each classroom are trained on age–and–stage appropriate practices and activity and implement them into the daily routines of each newborn and infant.

Sweet 1 is our tiniest classroom. The classroom holds only 8 newborns and infants at one time, and complies with the staff–student ratio of 1:4 (as do the rest of our classrooms). This classroom has the youngest of our students, starting from 6 weeks until they reach the crawling stage (usually 6 – 8 months). This room focuses most on tummy time, face–to–face interaction with teachers, and snuggling. The room helps to solidify the bond between teacher and infant, and introduces the child to a group–care setting. This rooms participates in musical activities as well as simple art and sensory projects, and introduces some Baby Sign Language. In order to transition to Sweet 2, we strongly encourage the introduction to foods and high chair time. All Infant Sweets teachers keep records of your child's activity on a daily sheet, and present a summary for the parents at pick–up. There is not a set classroom schedule in Sweet 1, the teachers respond to each child's cues as observed and as specified by the families.

Sweet 2 is our crawling infant classroom. This is perhaps the busiest of the Sweets. The infants in this classroom are anxious to get moving; they love to explore the different textured flooring and toys, as well as the climbing apparatus. At this age, the children are more aware of their peers, and are encouraged by teachers to further develop their motor skills. Infants in this classroom also participate in art, sensory, and music activities. There are also sporadic times of story–telling and peek–a–boo. Baby Sign Language is continued in this classroom, and the teachers introduce new signs frequently. All of the children in this classroom eat in high chairs at various times throughout the day, and are bottle–fed as per each child’s individualized schedule. There is also no set classroom schedule, as each infant is different. EMAS Infant Sweets offers responsive, informed care to each infant as per their cues and parents’ requests.

Sweet 3 hold our final infant stage: the emerging toddler. The children in this classroom are typically 1 year and walking. Each child is different, and we evaluate every child's developmental stage before beginning any transition. This classroom serves as a transition room for Emerging Toddlers. This room introduces sitting as size–appropriate tables and chairs, cot sleeping, and independent eating habits. The teachers also lead more formal crafting and circle time activities to get children accustomed to the Toddler classroom. Once the child reaches 18 months and exhibits readiness behaviors, we move forward with the transitioning process. There is a classroom routine set in place, and there are set group feeding times and a nap time. This benefits the children by establishing the routines and expectations that are in place in our toddler classrooms.

We love being able to meet and anticipate our children's needs in the Infant Sweets. These classrooms allow for us to spend more one–on–one time with each child, cultivate their learning, and grant us the opportunity to fulfill our passions. Thank you for considering our school for your prospective family. We hope to see you again soon.